About ESI: What We Do


Effective System Innovations (ESI) is a consulting company focused on increasing efficiencies and improving outcomes in complex social services systems. Working with public and private agencies, ESI consultants specialize in strategic planning, federal and state regulatory compliance, performance measurement, system analysis, and Lean Management/process improvement. With more than 20 years of experience, ESI consultants have worked extensively with juvenile justice and child welfare systems to build and improve outcomes for youth, families, and staff. ESI's technical expertise includes statewide implementation, evidence-based practices, staff recruitment and retention practices, the Family First Prevention Services Act, PREA, quality assurance protocol and tool development, and survey design.

Our goal is to help clients develop system infrastructures and streamline business processes to increase agency effectiveness. ESI uses data-driven methodologies to help clients make informed decisions, reduce costs, and maximize efficiencies. The result: Improved services and success rates for program participants, compliance with federal and state regulations, and success in achieving agency mission and goals.


ESI collaborates with clients to implement innovative, sustainable system improvements designed to create positive outcomes for youth, staff and families.

Core Values


We are committed to developing creative solutions to solve our client's complex problems.

Commitment to Partnership

We invest time and resources to understand the mission, goals, and values of our clients. Working closely with agency leaders and staff, we ensure that targeted plans are developed to address our client's unique needs.

Honor Expertise and Be Adaptable

We understand that you are the experts on your system. ESI provides professional guidance respectfully and offers solutions for consideration. We build upon your system strengths and adapt our strategies based on your ever-changing needs.


In the social service sector, our goal is to assist youth and families to become stable, independent, and contributing members of society. In this same way, ESI's core tenet is to never let a client become dependent on our services. We ensure the work is done, plans are developed to ensure success, and enough support is provided to sustain positive results long-term.

Why ESI?

Times are tough. In today's economy, we are expected to do more with less. Social service providers and government entities are faced with significant challenges trying to sustain business operations without sacrificing the quality of services provided to clients.

ESI benefits include:

  • A wealth of experience to solve complex issues
  • Professional expertise to assure successful implementations the first time
  • An individualized consulting plan with a collaborative approach
  • There is no better time than now to determine areas needing improvements, implement feasible solutions, streamline your business processes, and take steps to ensure compliance with state and federal regulations.

Contact ESI today to achieve the cost savings you need while achieving improved organizational goals and desired outcomes.