Strategic Marketing & Communications Specialist

Carrie Hellbusch

As RapidESI's Strategic Marketing and Communications Specialist, Carrie Hellbusch has dedicated over a decade to mastering the ever-evolving landscape of social media, marketing, and communication strategies. Her commitment to excellence is underscored by her Microsoft Generative AI certification, LinkedIn Content and Creative Design certification, and Pinterest Pro certification, all of which reflect her expertise in harnessing the power of digital platforms.

Carrie's core mission is to foster the organic growth of online presence through the cultivation of authentic, trust-based branding. She envisions and develops a multi-year marketing strategy/plan, collaborating closely with ESI team members to build a three-year growth and marketing strategy, managing the plan to ensure success. Her role extends beyond traditional social media responsibilities, focusing on comprehensive strategic planning.

In this capacity, Carrie offers a diverse array of services tailored to RapidESI's unique needs and objectives. Whether it's coaching, analysis, or mentoring, she actively collaborates with the ESI team to build strategies that not only align with the company's vision but also ensure sustained success over the long term.

Carrie remains ardently committed to keeping abreast of the latest trends and techniques in social media, ensuring that RapidESI remains at the forefront of digital innovation. Her comprehensive role includes the development and management of a multi-year marketing strategy, leveraging her passion for strategic planning and success-driven execution.

  • Comprehensive Marketing Strategy Development: Collaborative creation of a multi-year marketing strategy that aligns with the vision and goals of RapidESI and its partners, including targeted expansion on various media platforms.
  • Social Media Management: Curating engaging content for social media platforms that foster positive community engagement and brand advocacy.
  • Communication: Lead the communication strategy, including the development of relevant, timely, and clear content for internal and external audiences.
  • Support for Speaking Engagements and Conferences: Collaborating on presentation development and communication efforts related to conferences and speaking engagements.

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